Tri-M AI LLC was started in 2003 by Richard Muller. After graduating from Iowa State University in 1999, Richard joined his father Randy in the swine AI industry. After learning a lot from Randy’s decade of experience in AI, circumstances led to Richard moving to Boone, Iowa and starting Tri-M.

Tri-M’s main focus has been in the development, manufacturing and sales of semen storage units. Another area of focus has been working with our manufacturing partner to develop new products in the ultrasound space. But there has also been (and continues to be) work done in other areas of swine AI by Tri-M and it’s partners.

Tri-M strives to be a partner with it’s customers, finding solutions to solve the everyday (and rare) problems that face the livestock industry. And while our start and main strength has been in the swine industry, we look to work with customers from multiple species.